Children never cease to amaze me.  As my wife and I are new parents our little guy (Kian) is always learning a new trick to keep us on our toes (often at 2am).   However, I was very surprised when I performed a routine examination on a young girl earlier this week.

The exam wasn’t anything out of the ordinary until I examined the health of her eyes with my microscope.  I was surprised to find a piece of metal lodged on the surface of her cornea (the clear window on the front surface of the eye).  And it appeared to have been present for several days.  This type of metallic foreign body is an occupation hazard for welders and mechanics, but not a nine year old girl.

After I questioned the girl and her mother, neither one of them had an explanation of where the foreign body came from.  The part that amazed me is that the girl denied being in any pain at all.  Amazing since the cornea is one of the most sensitive parts of your body and having a piece of metal lodge in it can be extremely painful.

I took a photo and removed the piece of metal without much trouble and I praised the girl for her high pain tolerance.

Kids, they always keep me on my toes!